How To: Inoculate Sterilized Grain

How To: Inoculate Sterilized Grain

  1. Sterilize: Sterilize your area, tools, injection port, grain bag and liquid culture or agar plate. Be sure to sanitize with 70% Alcohol.

  2. Inoculate:
    -with liquid culture: In a sterile environment, inject 5ml-10ml of liquid culture into a grain bag. Higher dosage will increase the speed of colonization.

    -with agar:
     In a sterile environment, using clean tools, slice half of a fully colonized agar plate into pieces. We suggest smaller pieces to increase inoculation points.

  3. Shake: Seal the inoculated grain bag, ensuring an airtight seal. Lightly shake and evenly combine culture/agar with grain. We suggest introducing air into the bag to allow space for shaking and even distribution.

  4. Incubate: In an ideal growing environment, store your expanded bags. Monitor mycelial colonization for 10-15 days.
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