Fungtional Living:

Spray and Grow Kit Information


Receiving your Fruiting Kit

Inspect your fruiting kit upon receiving, ensuring that the block itself is intact and ready to start fruiting. Determine the most humid part of your home, which can also create the best growing environment for your mushrooms. Look for an area that has good oxygen flow, light and humidity. Ensure that your room is about 21 degrees (room temperature) and a minimum of 65% humidity. If humidity is limited, we recommend creating a humidity tent. 


Getting Started

Open up the perforated area on the “Flush 1” side, slice a large ‘X’ into the fruiting bag, and begin your initial 5-10 spritzes, 2 to 3 times a day, or depending on how dry your environment is. 

Pinning and Growing

Repeat the spritzing cycle daily to initiate the pinning stage (7 to 14 days). Once pinning occurs, continue to regularly spritz, as the growing stages will begin. With a warmer environment, the mushrooms will grow much quicker. Within another 7 to 14 days, the mushrooms will be ready for harvest! 

Additional Flushes

Once harvesting your initial flush, we highly recommend trying for additional flushes. Keep your block hydrated, if it begins to dry out, we suggest creating a humidity tent to keep the moisture in. Around the 7 to 21 days, pinning should start to form.

If you are interested in starting a new flush on the Flush 2, we recommend that you close off the Flush 1 side with microspore tape or saran wrap. We do not recommend having both areas open at the same time, unless you have a proper growing environment with supplemented humidity and oxygen flow, to refrain from your block drying out.