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Sterilized Substrate (5lbs)

Sterilized Substrate (5lbs)

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Fungtional Lab's has taken care of the hard work for you. Our nutrient-rich sterilized substrate is ready to be inoculated with your choice of mushroom spawn. The quality of our substrate will ensure that your spawn will have the perfect balance of nutrients to give you the best results possible. Grow directly in the bag or in a sterilized grow bin.

Our Sterilized Substrate is commercially sterilized with both heat and pressure to ensure optimal growing conditions. We introduce nutrients into our house blend to support larger yield and faster colonization.

- Commercially sterilized
- House Blend of Nutrients
- Supplemented for Larger Yield
- Ready to inoculate
- 100% Plant Based
- All Natural
- Non-GMO

Storage: Store Sterilized Substrate at room temperature and avoid direct sunlight.

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